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    Commercial Zoning Control System

    The TEC Zoning thermostats & RTU Controller are the simplest, most cost effective method to improve comfort, save energy, monitor system performance and minimize service calls. Light commercial buildings, schools and churches are ideal. Have an old Carrier VVT system ? This product is ideal to be considered as its replacement.

    Zone Controllers provide precise control of zone dampers. The RTU controller cycles the A/C unit to provide heating or cooling based on zone demand. The RTU controller provides Weekly scheduling, eliminating the need for a "Supervisory" controller. If remote access is desired with additional BAS features, the addition of an optional Building Supervisor control panel provides the link to a single system, or multiple systems within a building. Hardwired or Wireless communications, this product employs a BACnet MS/TP protocol, allowing it to be used on any control system.

    Building Automation Features:

    • • Remote access via Web
    • • Centralized Weekly Scheduling
    • • Holiday/Special Event Scheduling
    • • Setpoint Modification & Tenant Limits
    • • Afterhours use & Totalization
    • • Zone Temp Trending
    • • Floor Plan Graphics
    • And More ...

    Let us know if you've got an application by simply giving us the number of A/C units you've got, and you'll be able to provide your customer or facility a building automation proposal in minutes!

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