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    Selecting a Building Automation System for a client is becoming increasingly difficult. What's important in your choice, ultimately translates into what's important for them.

    Many systems offered by "vendors" or control contractors are proprietary systems. Meaning, although the communication protocol used by the manufacturer might be considered "open", the vendor might be the only "dealer" allowed to buy product, software and training from the manufacturer, ultimately making it proprietary. Some products have limited availability due to who distributes the products. Thus, they are the only choice for service or expansion for a building owner. This obviously doesn't encourage competitive pricing, and it potentially rewards a vendor for poor service.

    It's obviously critical during the installation phase, to have a qualified installer. Total Control provides high level certification training on the Metasys Building Automation System to provide qualified bidders for your projects. Multiple bidders using a well respected product with the latest technology will deliver the best system at the lowest cost. Rest assured that Total Control is interested in successful projects with satisfied owners, nothing less. These are some questions you may ask yourself when selecting a BAS system for your client:

    • • Does the BAS use an "Open" protocol platform? BACnet or LON are the 2 open protocols that are common to our industry. If its not one of these, it's not the right choice.
    • • Does the BAS require "licensing" for products or software? Some systems limit access to users & contractors using a "license" in the BAS, others are fee based. Avoid these, as it limits your clients choices and negatively impacts the budget.
    • • Does the BAS vendor have to be a "Dealer" or in a "Club" to install the system? If yes, it again limits your clients choices if they become dissatisfied with the installers service or system performance. These "Dealerships" restrict products, support tools and limit competitive pricing during the bid process.

    In the end, clients need choices of service vendors & contractors over the life of the facility. Anything short of being able to "choose" will ultimately impact their ability to operate their buildings efficiently, comfortably and within budget.