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    Wireless Products

    Total Control offers a variety of wireless products to reduce your overall installation labor. Below are some examples of products we believe can provide you the competitive edge you're looking for...

    Temperature & Humidity Sensors

    BAPI offers wireless temperature sensors for many applications. Office buildings, warehouses, or any indoor application where physical limitations or challenges to the installation, are easily overcome by applying wireless technology, and integrating it into your BAS system.

    Click here for an overview about wireless

    A/C Equipment Thermostats (TEC)

    Wireless Communicating Thermostats by Johnson Controls make installation a snap. Simply replace the existing thermostats, address them, install the "Building Supervisor" panel, and your done. Call us to review your application...it's easy.

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    Wireless Pneumatic Thermostats (WPT)

    The latest in Automation Technology....yes, it's a Pneumatic Thermostat! Sound like an advertisement from the 50's? Actually it's a Hybrid thermostat using the industry's oldest and most reliable technology of Pneumatics with the industries latest technology, Wireless communication.

    This product is targeted at facilities without the budget available to purchase a DDC system for every zone. Typically a retrofit of a VAV zone for example has an installation cost of approximately $2000/zone. This thermostat can be installed in minutes making the cost 25% or less of a traditional upgrade.


    • • Local LCD temperature readout.
    • • Local Setpoint display and adjustment.
    • • Setpoint lockout or adjustable limits.
    • • Setpoint lockout or adjustable limits.
    • • Server is BACnet IP compatible, making it a great choice for BAS systems,
      regardless of control system manufacturer.

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    Website: http://www.cypressenvirosystems.com/index.php

    Contact us if you have a site that fits, and we'll schedule a wireless survey and get you a quote!


    Building Automation

    Facility Explorer & Metasys offers wireless solutions both at the zone level, as well as the network level. Wireless zone sensor applications for the hard to reach install make the impossible, possible. Wireless communication between field controllers is also possible. Air handlers, VAV's or RTU's are applications where wireless networks can be utilized, lowering installation cost & time!

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