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    Gas Detection

    With stringent codes developing and the high prioritization of safety, we now offer a complete line of gas detection products and systems, led by our Honeywell Analytical products(formerly known as Vulcain). Networked systems for Parking Structures, standalone detectors for garages, battery and storage areas, with a variety of plug-in cartridge style sensors for many other applications such as NO2, CO, Hydrogen Sulfide & gas vapors, provides solutions to hazardous applications. Another detection offering is a complete line of Refrigerant Detection systems and products for mechanical rooms. As with all of our products, we offer application engineering assistance, submittals & drawings and startup as required.

    • • Parking Garage (E3Point)
    • • Warehouse (E3Point)
    • • Chillers
    • • Mechanical Rooms

    Here are some useful documents: