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    Building Managers

    Building Managers have the challenging task of keeping their buildings operating efficiently and comfortably, within budget. A Building Automation System(BAS) is typically at the heart of the solution.

    Most BAS systems have comparable features, most have comparable costs. The differentiator between systems is the source of the ongoing service & potential expansion of a system after its installed. That's typically at the heart of the Building Managers problems.

    Many systems offered by "vendors", are proprietary systems. Meaning, the vendor might be the only "dealer" allowed to buy product, software and training from the manufacturer of the system installed. Thus, they are the only choice for service or expansion for a Building Manager. This obviously doesn't encourage competitive pricing, nor does it reward a vendor for good service. They get it by default, even if they deliver poor service and higher prices. The Building Manager bought control and lost control at the same time.

    BAS systems that are Non-proprietary in their availability and design, are most desirable. Given that most have similar features, it's the ability to choose service vendors or choose installing contractors for competitive pricing that should be the driver for any BAS system decision. Some Questions to ask when choosing a BAS:

    • • Does the BAS use an "Open" protocol platform? BACnet or LON are the 2 open protocols that are common to our industry. If its not one of these, it's a bad choice.
    • • Does the BAS require "licensing" for the Building Manager, Service contractor or Installer? Some systems limit access to users & contractors using a "license" in the BAS, others are fee based. Avoid these, as it limits your vendor choices and negatively impacts your budget.
    • • Does the BAS vendor have to be a "Dealer" or in a "Club" to install or service the system? If yes, it again limits your vendor choices if you become dissatisfied with the installers service. These "Clubs" restrict products, support tools and limit competitive pricing.

    In the end, Building Managers need choices of service vendors & contractors over the life of the building. Anything short of being able to choose will ultimately impact your ability to operate your buildings efficiently, comfortably and within budget.