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    Control Panels we build: Water Feature, Motor Control, Waste Water, HVAC Panels, OEM's, VFD'S, PLC's, Pumping, Pools, AND MANY MORE!


    Control Panels are an essential part of almost every industry in the world. They house the components and technology necessary to operate equipment and systems that touch all of our lives. We can build your panel to fit the needs of your customer.


    The most frequently asked question that we get is: "Hey, can you build this for me?" Whether it's your design or our design, it doesn't matter. At RSD-TC, we can provide you with the components & assembly needed to meet your project needs. Small or large, we can accommodate your request. Therefore, the answer is always: "Yes! We can!"


    Every RSD-TC panel is built to UL specifications and is UL508 approved. We also have multiple technicians at several panel shop locations ready to assist you.


    We offer Panel modifications! Our in-house Perforex CNC machine mills custom cutouts to allow for precision component location + repeatability. We also modify enclosures for others in the industry who want reliable results. (video at bottom of page)

    Scroll down to see some photos!