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Standalone Gas Detectors & Cartridges

E3Point is a toxic/combustible gas monitor that makes a commercial operation run more intelligently to protect people, property and the bottom line. It goes beyond protection to increase energy management, efficiency and economical value.

  • Thanks to its unique understanding of customer needs and constant commitment to developing new technologies, Honeywell Analytics remains a global leader in gas detection and a name that is synonymous with the highest standards of product, service and innovation.

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HONA E302Oxygen (O2)
E3 Point Sensor Cartridge Oxygen (02) -40 to 120 F
HONA E3H2Hydrogen (H2)
E3 point Sensor Cartridge Hydrogen (H2) -40 to 120 F
HONA E3MMethane (CH4)
E3 Point Sensor Cartridge Methane (CH4) -40 to 120 F
HONA E3N02Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2)
E3 Point Sensor Cartridge Nitrogen Dioxide (N02) -40 to 120F
HONA E3PPropane (C3H8)
E3 Point Sensor Cartridge Propane (C3H8) -40 to 120 F
Stand Alone E3 Point Single/Dual Gas Monitor w/o Sensor Wall Mnt 4-20 ma, 24v
Stand Alone E3 Point Single/Dual Gas Monitor w/o Sensor Wall Mnt 4-20ma, 120v
HONA E3SCOCarbon Monoxide (CO)
E3 Point Sensor Cartridge Carbon Monixide (CO) -4 to 120 F
HONA E3SRMMMethane (CH4)
E3 Point Remote Sensor Methane (CH4)