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Products » Variable Frequency Drives » VFD Only Nema 1

Commercial HVAC Variable Frequency Drive

  • The E7 Drive is designed exclusively for Commercial HVAC applications. All features are designed for this purpose, including Building Automation communications. Metasys N2, APOGEE FLN and Modbus are embedded. EtherNet/IP, Modbus TCP/IP and LonWorks are plug-in options. The drive is plenum rated for variable torque applications. Anti-windmilling, motor preheat, energy-savings, and PI setpoint control are standard. Many options are available.
  • Optional software allows upload/download, as well as graphing and monitoring of drive parameters from a PC for ease of drive management. User parameter settings can be recovered at any time via “user re-initialization”.

Downloads and Additional Data:


Common Specifications:

  • Analog Outputs: Programmable, two, 0-10 VDC
  • Input Terminals: 5 programmable multi-function input terminals
  • LCD Display: 5 lines, 16 characters each

Results 1 - 6 of 6

YAS VU2A0006FAA1208/230
1HP 208/230V 6AMP NEMA 1 VFD V1000 Micro Drive
YAS VU2A0012FAA3208/230
3HP 208/230V 12AMP NEMA 1 VFD V1000 Micro Drive
YAS VU2A0020FAA5208/230
5HP 208/230V 19.6AMP NEMA 1 VFD V1000 Micro Drive
YAS VU4A0002FAA1480
1HP 460V 2.1AMP NEMA 1 VFD V1000 Micro Drive
YAS VU4A0005FAA3480
3HP 460V 5.4AMP NEMA 1 VFD V1000 Micro Drive
YAS VU4A0009FAA2480
5HP 460V 8.8AMP NEMA 1 VFD V1000 Micro Drive