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Electro-Mech Accessories

  • The T775 temperature sensors are 1097 Ohm sensors for use with the T775 Series 2000 electronic standalone controller in commercial heating and cooling applications.


Common Specifications:

  • General: 1/2 in. (6.35 mm) stainless steel probe with a thermally conductive epoxy

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HON 193987GA
Sensor Encapsulated Platinum for T7075/ T775 Old Series Controllers
HON 198212CA
Sensor Watertight 60" Leads w/Liquid-Tight Fitting Use w/T775/T7075
HON 203401B
Sensor 2-Wire Platinum Water Proof Use w/T775 & W7100 Type Controllers
Sensor Outdoor Temperature 1097 ohms at 77F PTC for T775 Series 2000 Controllers
Sensor Water-tight Temp 1097 ohms at 77F PTC for T775 Series 2000 Controllers
JC A99BC-25C
Sensor PTC Silicon -40 to 248 F 9.75" High Temp Cable 1035 Ohms at 77 F
JC A99BC-300C
Sensor PTC Silicon Element -40-212 F 9.75ft PVC Cable Length 1035 ohms at 77F